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    Nix Auto Format and cut & pasting from Web format

    EXCEL 2003

    Two questions -

    1. I am entering data in excel and afew of the cells keeps making the next data in a web address style Blue underlined - I had cut and pasted some web stuff in the worksheet before but dont wont these cells to be autoformatted - I cant seem to get rid of it even when I delete the rows it keeps re-appearing

    2.. How do I cut and paste web text that is web formatted and appears on several lines instead of one cell - I think I vaguely remember being able to use a shortcut to make it wrap and appear in one cell

    Thank you

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    1. To remove the auto hyperlink once added you can use ctrl-z to undo the last operation. If you are past the UNDO stage, you can also right click and select hyperlink - remove hyperlink.

    Turning off the behavior is done via tools - AutoCorrect options -AutoFormat As You Type(tab) and uncheck "Internet and Network paths with hyperlinks"

    2. to turn on wrapping - format cells - ALignment(tab) - check "Wrap text"


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