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    Update to SQL Server keeps coming back


    SQL Server Express 2005, installed on Win7 Ultimate.
    All updates to Win7 installed.
    Win Update threw up a SQL update KB2463332 last week. Box said I had installed it in January, but I reapplied it. Process said Successfully Completed.
    Rebooted. Up came the update again. Installed again, successfully.
    Same result.
    I've downloaded the SP4 patch file and applied it manually - successfully.
    It refuses to log itself as installed in Win Update.
    Searched the web. Changed one registry key. Added another. Every time results in the same - installed successfully, but update says it needs to be done after reboot.

    So much for Windows 7 being better, faster, etc.
    I've hidden the update for now, but it bugs me that I can't figure out what the dickens is wrong.

    Any thoughts ???
    Fred Secor

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    Your issue doesn't have much to do with Win7 - the patch you are trying to install is a part of SP4 of SQL Server 2005, so has probably already been installed if you have SP4. There are several reports of issues with that patch - take a look at this thread on the Microsoft social site. If you check the Updates log file you will probably see some sort of buried error message.

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