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    Exclamation XP Memory Write Error On Shut Down


    I have a laptop with XP3 installed. Upon shutdown I get the following error message:
    Explorer exe - Application Error
    The instruction at 0x027dbd4b referenced memory at OX027dbd4b. The memory could not be "written".

    Can anyone tell me what is going on and how I might fix the problem so I don't get this error message Upon shut down?


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    A few things to try out...

    1 Download and run an antimalware tool like Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and do a thorough scan from safemode.
    2 Run CCleaner or Privacy Mantra to delete the Temporary internet files from safemode, from all user accounts, and reboot. Ensure you are the adminitrator.
    3 From the runbox: Type "msconfig". This should open the system configuration utility. Go to the startup tab, select the "Disable All". Hit Apply and then Reboot.
    If the error does not repeat it is likely one of your startup applications. It would then be a simple matter of a process of elimination.
    4 [from regedit]: Set the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\AutoEndTasks key to a value of 1 to force a shutdown of apps.
    This does not fix the actual problem.

    It would also not hurt to run a checkdisk with fix enabled on the primary hard drive.
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    A few more things to try...

    If disabling the items in Startup does not work try starting one application at a time that you normally use, close it and shutdown the computer until you find the culprit. This could take a while and you should also make sure you try apps like malware detectors and anti-virus. You could also try everyone's favorite System Restore but I find this to be a last ditch effort whereby you learn absolutely nothing. (but sometimes it's a life saver)
    Good luck.

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