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    Outlook HTML Email Stationery (2000)

    I have a problem that I wonder if someone has already seen, or can decipher for me, before I lose the last few hairs!

    I have setup an HTML stationery file for several customers, that incorporates a logo (JPG) file as the header at the top of the email. When they create a new email, they then have the company logo shown at the top of the message area, and when they tab into this area, the text they enter falls below the logo.

    On some of the machines, this works perfectly - the new message shows up as it should, they send, and the recipient (assuming HTML compliant mail reader) can see the logo.

    On some machines, however, the message being created shows the logo, but when it is sent (and received) the logo file is not attached to it - the recipient just sees a blank space.

    I have checked all the options that I can think of to try to solve this 'problem', but cannot find anything different between 2 machines in the same office.
    With Outlook 98, there seems to be no problems - the message and the logo get transmitted, this just appears to happen with OL2000 users (and not all of them - one client has 6 machines, all installed the 'same' - and only 1 cannot send the logo header).

    Has anyone seen this occur before, or can someone please point me to settings that could be causing this.

    Thanks in advance

    Ray Jackson

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    Re: Outlook HTML Email Stationery (2000)

    in outlook there is an option to send images from the internet or link. it sounds like the one machine is not sending, but linking.

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