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    Possible to link to a specific section of a doc?

    Boy, it sure is a shame the message titles are so limited in length, otherwise I would have better conveyed my question.

    I want to link within a Word doc to a specific section of a published PDF we have on our company site. I can place the URL in the Word doc, which takes me to the report, but I'd rather link to a particular section (near the end of the PDF doc). Is there a way to do this- such as possibly creating a bookmark in the PDF and then having a specific URL that links to that? I realize this might be a PDF-related question more than a Word one.


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    I haven't had luck with this in the past but Acrobat Reader is supposed to honour links like

    Try that syntax in your hyperlinks and perhaps you will have more luck than me.

    I'm thinking that this only works when you are following a hyperlink from html in a browser and the pdf opens within the browser.
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