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    Discovered cause of Win 7 Updates nightmare

    I just read an article by Woody Leonard about Windows automatic updates that explains the cause of the nightmare I have with Windows 7 Updates. I've been recounting the nightmare of all dozens of updates vanishing from my system, not being able to download Win 7 Updates, and the same update/patch looping (KB977165) and my machine doing lots of weird things.
    Mr. Leonard says: "Then in February, there was MS10-015 (KB 977165). If your PC was infected with the Alureon rootkit (very hard to detect at the time) and patch KB 977165 was run on your PC, you probably started your workday with a Blue Screen of Death. Restart the PC, and the BSOD reappeared."
    Can this update be deleted (it's the only left in the system) that's caused so much aggravation to everybody who has it on their machine? Should I run the Windows repair disk I created or should I do a clean Win 7 install? I have a list of all the dozens of updates that vanished on a Belarc profile before this happened. I wonder if I would ever be able to install them again if I can get this KB977165 situation resolved. Your ideas will be deeply appreciated. ec

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    I think it would be more appropriate to get rid of the root kit rather than the undate. A Google search shows various sites to aidd with this.
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    Get rid of the rootkit rather than the MS patch. If you don't get rid of the rootkit you will have many more problems as time goes by. A clean install is probably your best solution. Also when you clean install don't forget to delete the windows partition and recreate it, then do a format before the install.

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