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    Question Banning software

    A recent catastrophe has resulted in my upgrading to Windows7 (from XP Pro). As a result I have been loading a lot of software, some from CDs and some downloaded from the net. Twice in the last week a message has popped up announcing that McAfee was about to run some sort of scan. Both times I have had to uninstall their illicit software. It is obviously slipping in when I load something else, but I'm pretty careful about reading all the blah, blah, blah when I load software, so I'm not sure how it is getting in. I banned them from my home and from my business many years ago and this kind of behavior merely serves to remind me why and to increase my determination to keep them out of my system.

    So my question: is there any way, in this fancy new operating system, to ban software from a particular vendor, or to simply ban all individual software installations without my specific say-so?



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    It seems to me that UAC does that for me - it asks me every time I want to install anything. You should use a "user" account instead of an "administrator" account, I think.

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    It is very important when installing software to read ALL windows that pop up completely. Many apps, especially those that are free, piggyback other apps that need to be opted out of or by default they are installed as well. Perhaps you need to use an uninstaller such as Revo Uninstaller and a clean up app such as CCleaner to clean out orphaned registry entries. This might be where you McAfee stuff is coming from.
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