I have a client using Outlook 2003 with 3 different email accounts, all POP3. Whenever she sends a meeting request, it comes "from" an email address that doesn't correspond to any account (it's a misspelled version of one of the accounts and was removed long ago). No one can respond to the meeting requests because they go to a non-existent email address.

I have checked and rechecked the properly spelled version of the account and can find no instances of the misspelling anywhere. I have created a new version of the account and tried sending a meeting request selecting that as the account, but the request still comes from the non-existent account. In fact, when I send a meeting request, no matter which of the three accounts I choose, it always comes from that non-existent address. I have tried to find some place this misspelling exists in the profile, but can't find a way to see or edit anything more than I can get at through the Outlook account settings. I also created a new calendar folder, and tried sending requests from there - no joy.

Clearly the misspelled version of the account persists somewhere and the Calendar is wedded to it. Can anyone help me figure out where it is and how to get rid of it!?