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Thread: Arctic Silver

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    Arctic Silver

    Hello all,
    Just wanted to pass along my results using this "Heat sink compound" You can have a look see At this time of year i usually "blow the dust and cobwebs" out of my desktop, and after reading about this product thought that i would like to give it a try..... I removed the Heatsinks from my CPU and Asus video card and cleaned off the dead bugs, etc. and applied arctic silver "Matrix" The result was that my overall temps ( CPU \ Video ) came down about 3 to 5 degrees C. I know that that's a general statement seeing how they normally fluctuate with PC usage...however they are generally all down (using CPUID) Newegg has a video, and Utube has many on this procedure.. I haven't done this since my PC was new 2007, and think that it was about time,as vibration moves the heatsinks around a little disturbing the contact area, which was evident on my video card (used a thermal pad) ...have a look Regards Fred
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    Quite often you'll get some improvement if your computer is a few years old and the previous stock heatsink/fan assembly used the thermotape.
    Arctic Silver is what I've used an am comfortable with using.

    Wish I had your GPU temp though, my GPU is in the 50s Celsius range.

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    You changed more than one thing at once so the results are invalid. Put the bugs back and we'll consider the evidence. ;-))

    cheers, Paul

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