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    TreeView Questions

    I've added a treeview control to a form and an OptionGroup control which allows the user to set either a Parent-Child view of the data or just a single level view of the Child data. The first thing the I do in the OptionGroup_AfterUpdate event is clear the treeview with a Me!TreeView.Nodes.Clear statement. The odd thing is if the treeview has both parent & child levels the clear takes way less than a second to execute. However, if the trreeview has only one level the clear takes six to seven seconds! Appreciate any thoughts on why this would happen.

    I've been searching for details/example on how to use the treeview Nodes.Find method, but have been unsuccessful. Can someone point me to or provide a vba example?

    Thanks much,

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    Hi Marty,
    You've found your way into one of the more complex aspects of Access and ActiveX controls. And how well they work depends on the version of Access you are using - 2007 and 2010 can be problematic when working with the Microsoft treeview. We switched to a 3rd-party treeview control several years ago as we were building large trees that could take several minutes to populate. A good resource for learning more about them is

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