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    How to Print VISIO UML Properties??

    I just started working with UML Model Diagrams in VISIO and asked what I thought was a simple question... how can I print out the UML properties pop up?
    (I attached a simple UML diagram but I had to change the extension to get it to attach; download it and change the extension to vsd then double click on the actor stick figure and you will see the pop up.)
    No one I'm working with seems to know so I tried to write a VBA macro to do it. Trouble is, I can't figure out where the properties of the UML shapes are. I can get to the shapes from the Shapes collection, I can print out various things like the name and text but I can't figure out where the UML property pop up is in the model. Any ideas? I'd sure appreciate any help at all you can offer whether it's a standard print command option we are missing or a way through a macro.
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