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    TouchUp Text Error in Acrobat 9.4

    I'm using Crystal Reports XI to recreate our companies invoices. Our accounting software uses Crystal Reports to create print the invoice as well as export a .pdf version of the invoice for our files. Occasionally, I have to edit one of these .pdf invoices, correct the spelling of a word, change a word or two. This is more easily done in Acrobat than it would be to void the invoice and re-generate it.
    Previously, I used Acrobat 5 to do these simple touchup text edits. In order for me to do this, in Acrobat 5, I had to highlight the text, change the text attribute from (TT) TimesNewRoman to TimesNewRomanPST (not sure what that is). Once I changed this, I was able to make my edits.
    However, now that we've upgraded to Acrobat 9, I can't edit the text on the .pdf at all. I get the error "All or part of the selection has no available system font. You cannot add or delete text using the currently selected font." I really like Acrobat 9 but, how can I use it to edit my invoices now? HELP - I've wasted a day doing online research and can't find a solution. It's driving me NUTS!

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    Can you get the missing font from wherever Crystal Reports is getting it?

    If not, can you edit the Crystal Reports file to use a different font? There is a risk that subtle differences in metrics will lead to complete dishevelment, so it would be better if you could get the missing font.

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    I suggest you check to see that this is not TimesNewRomanPSMT. You may have better luck with that name.

    My apology to all for my previous set of confusions.


    Edited to add: I think this is Times New Roman Postscript Monotype, and that Adobe switched to this from the version of Times New Roman they were using to conform to the Microsoft choice of Monotype. Prior to that, incidentally, they settled on Times, but then switched to Times New Roman. I have all three, and yes, there are differences among them. You can download it free from the internet, and it might be advisable to add spaces so that PS and MT are seen as separate. Hope that is what you're looking for.
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