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    Yet another question regarding SP3, IE7 and IE8...

    Hi all,

    I've got a quick question regarding the deployment of Service Pack 3, IE7 and IE8. I am aware that you need to install Service Pack 3 on Windows XP before installing IE7 if you wish to remove it at a later date without hassle. Unfortunately, we have machines in our estate that have been upgraded in the "incorrect" order with IE7 being installed first and SP3 deployed over the top.

    Should we decide to upgrade to IE8 in the future on these machines, will we need to uninstall SP3 and IE7 before re-installing in the correct order or will IE8 install over the top without issue? If it can be installed over the top, will we be able to uninstall it unlike IE7 at the moment?

    Hope that makes sense it does in my head but I'm aware it might not transfer well to text!

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    IE 8 should be installable over IE 7 and you should be able to remove it after the install via add remove programs > add remove windows features,


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