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    Format Painter in 2007

    There is a closed thread with the same title, noting that you apparently cannot "Double Click" on the format painter. I have had the same problem (and, to boot, the cursor doesn't change to a paintbrush unless I use the default cursor icons). I found the solution, and wanted to bring it up.

    I have the ribbon minimized, and I can only click once on the format painter.

    I tried showing the ribbon, and mirabile dictu I am now able to double click on the format painter!

    I am aware of Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-V. But still.......

    [Word drives me nuts! It reminds me of the old joke about the fellow getting the mule to listen to commands. He broke a 2x4 across the skull of the mule first. When asked why, he said "you first have to get his attention".]
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