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    Fairly new to Wireless: Access Questions

    Linksys E1000. XP desktop fully patched. Cable modem. MSE.

    1) A laptop user in the house - do I need to allow a "Guest" access to that user?

    2) When user accessed, prompted for password first time. Has not since - is this of concern or simply how this works?

    3) Would like to include Apple TV. Do I need to remove wireless PW for this to work?

    I'm assuming I should never leave my router "open". Main concern is to ensure I'm not allowing any open holes that I should close.

    Thank you.

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    Have you visited the Linksys settings? To get there type in your browser.
    You'll need your username and password. You will see many, many options. Among the settings will be Setup, Security, Wireless Security, Access Restrictions, Administration, Status, etc.

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    Two things you want done to your Router:
    1. Change router login password from the default.
    2 Make sure Wireless is using WPA security, not WEP.

    As for your questions:
    1. No. Access only requires knowing the WPA password. Some routers provide Guest access that allows access to the Internet but not to the local network. You only need to use this if you are concerned about file sharing access by a user. Not a major concern for most people.
    2. This is normal Windows operation. Once a Windows PC makes a wireless connection, it remembers the password.
    3. I haven't used Apple TV but it should have the ability to input the wireless password and remember it. My Roku does. You don't ever want to run Wireless without a WPA password. There was a recent case where an unprotected wireless network was used to spread child porn unbeknownst to the owner.


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