One of my baseline requirements for a printer is for it to be able to print reliably on A4 card of 160gsm thickness (it's for mounting philatelic material, of which I have quite a lot, so needs to be at least reasonably rigid).

By 'reliably' I mean that I can put a stack of 160gsm sheets in the tray, hit Print every time I have a page done in Word, and it will print it without fuss just as it would on plain 80gsm paper, without jamming, and without skewing so that the text appears at an angle. Basically, it needs to simply do its job without me having to jump through hoops.

My old cheap Samsung (ML-1640 if I recall correctly) managed this just fine until it wore out, but my more recent replacement Samsung ML-2240 simply will not do so and sticks about 80%+ of the time, despite using 'card ' settings and a spec that says it can handle it.

So what I'm looking for is recommendations for printers that people have used successfully to print on card -- the straightforward matt or slightly glossy card that you get in reams from office suppliers, not specialty materials. I'm basically looking for a reasonably inexpensive B&W printer, but would be quite happy to hear of colour models and/or 3-in-1s that work well and don't cost a fortune (which would gain me a bit of extra desk space).

Any suggestions, anyone?