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    Differences in PP2003/2007/2010

    This may be a stupid question but googling has got my brain in a twist. Please confirm my understanding on this.

    PP2003: All macros as in an add (.ppa), loaded by a presentation (once) & then available for use by the users of that particular template (.pot). The .ppa will create toolbars/buttons etc.

    PP2007: Now, this is confusing. From what I understand is that we *don't* need an addin since macros are stored in the template (.potm). These can then be accessed by the user of that template when creating a presentations (pptx). We can add a *tab* and store our macros there (for access by the users). If we do need an addin in PP2007/2010 then what is the point of .potm file? Oh, it is all so confusing.

    PP2010: Same as PP2007.

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    An addin's code is available to all presentations. Once loaded the addin becomes part of the ppt installation. However, the code within the addin does not become part of any presentation. If you create a presentation that requires macro's for some functionality then it is best to store the macros within the presentation, so that when the presentation is distributed it takes its' code with it.
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    Simple (but crude) test:

    If you need to run the macro from the ribbon or a toolbar in edit mode >>> Add in ppa or ppam

    If you need it to run from a button IN the presentation during a show >>>> template

    This is not entirely true if you have AddIns reacting to events but is a good start.

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