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    Windows7 Pro 64-bit and Western Digital My Book Live 2 TB NAS Drive

    One more compatibility issue for those who use Win7 64-bit:

    I bought a Western Digital My Book Live 2 TB NAS drive for my brother-in-law at the same time as a new laptop running Win7 Pro 64-bit. The laptop worked perfectly on my home network (wired and wireless) when I installed all his software, and worked perfectly on his network until this WD drive was attached. Then the laptop refused to restart or shut down, and would not recognize any attached USB devices. The laptop works perfectly on any network as long as the WD drive is not present. As soon as the WD drive is attached, the laptop refuses to power down or recognize USB devices. It doesn't matter whether the laptop has a drive mapping to the WD or not; if the WD is connected to the same network subnet as the 64-bit computer, there is a problem.

    Other computers running WinXP 32-bit do not have any problem with the WD drive.

    I updated the WD drive to the latest firmware, but no joy.

    I finally solved the problem by segmenting the home network into two subnets, and putting the WD drive on a different subnet than the computers. Everything works fine, once the WD drive is isolated from everything else. I switched the WD to static IP etc. so I could reliably connect via IP address instead of name, since the name wouldn't resolve on a different subnet.

    Not a solution for most people, but I thought this info might be useful in case anyone else is struggling with a similar issue.

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    I had a WD ext USB HD briefly. It was not a NAS drive, but similar. I could not get it to play nicely with my Win 7 64 Bit Laptop. I took it back and bought a Seagate. Worked first time I plugged it in. I think WD may have a problem with Win 7 64 Bit that others do not.
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