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    Realtek driver confusion

    My system reports itself as having a RTK8167 network card. This card doesn't seem to exist on the Realtek web site. Windows Update is not reporting a new driver exists, but my GameBooster software is. There are new drivers for the RTK8168, updated just this last month and GameBooster seems to think the two network cards are the same.

    I've been Googling for a while and can't get any confirmation of that. Anyone out there know if the RTK8167 = RTK8168, at least in terms of drivers?

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    IF,the network card in question is on board.I would have to suggest to you to go to the mother board web site,in order to get the correct driver.If you need to or feel you need to do an update.ONLY trust a vendors site for your driver's.
    The other thing I can only suggest as well is to totally,IGNORE the Game Booster software.
    BTW,the correct spelling for your network card is=RTL8167....I would have to guess that would be a typo?
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