I am posting this in the hopes that it may help someone else with an answer to their BOOKMARK problem in Opera.
I discovered this by accident and it was the answer to MY problem.
In searching for answers in forums and online, I found I am not alone.

I would click on a site I had previously saved to the PERSONAL BAR and after deciding I wanted to save it PERMANENTLY as a BOOKMARK file, I would try to create a folder in BOOKMARKS and only get a PROPERTIES box with info for the site I was trying to now permanently bookmark .
People told me I got the PROPERTIES box because the site was already BOOKMARKED.....even AFTER removing it from the PERSONAL BAR.
I would go to MANAGE BOOKMARKS and find a LEFT and RIGHT pane with the SAME FOLDERS.
I could click on a folder in the LEFT pane and it would open up in the RIGHT pane with sites in that folder.
Then one day I paid attention to the "little" box with a "t" in it at the TOP of the RIGHT pane.
It was almost the same color as the folders in both the left and right panes.
I know in Windows OS, it means to "go up to the next level".
I clicked on it and looked like nothing happened.
I double-clicked on it and BINGO, I found at the BOTTOM of the FOLDERS in the RIGHT pane a list of several hundred ( looked like a temp internet file folder ) sites I had been to or bought from in the DISTANT past. I had probably saved them at one time to the PERSONAL BAR. Many I had DELETED from the PERSONAL BAR and not visited for about 2 years. I had gone thru three different versions of Opera as they updated it.
So all these sites and settings were indeed SAVED to the new version of Opera 11.

YES, the sites I wanted to bookmark were listed . Hence I could not create a FOLDER for the site that I wanted to permanently save into BOOKMARKS. This newly created folder would have made sites easier to find. I had decided that the PERSONAL BAR was not good enough and that I needed a proper FOLDER in BOOKMARKS.


When I surf, I often put an icon on the PERSONAL BAR.
Later I can REMOVE it from the personal bar if I am not interested.
I discovered that removing the site from the PERSONAL BAR still leaves a copy of it in the BOOKMARKS folder although NOT in a SPECIFIC folder with the site's name - kinda stupid to me that the site would not be removed from the list of bookmarks as well.
Apparently the PERSONAL BAR is referred to as a TEMPORARY bookmark file. To me that meant that when a site is deleted from it, it was GONE and not logged ( until specifically removed ) in the list of bookmarks.

Once I discovered that box/button with the little "t" and double clicked on it, my problem was over.

If this is common knowledge, I apologize as an experienced newbie for wasting people's time here by preaching to the choir.
I had posted in Opera forums and looked in Opera HELP and been to several forums and googled for answers and NOT found what I have posted here.

Thanks for reading.