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    Changing Desktop Cursors & Their Sizes??

    Hi Folks,
    I've been playing with this problem for a few days now and am out of ideas that can do what I want except through "fooling" Win 7.

    1) I've had the same cursors since Win 95 and want to use them still! These are the very same files' extensions as are used now.

    2) While there is a feature in the Control Panel to change cursor sizes and (3 different) colors this feature is "locked" within its own narrow parameters.

    The only way I'm seeing to get around the Win 7 default settings is to rename the 3 default sizes and colors cursors ( i.e. "cursor.cur" to "cursor-2.cur") and rename my preferred cursor to the default name. Sooooo, does anyone out there know which is which in the Cursors list???
    And does anyone out there have any other ideas???

    MANY Thanks in advance... Mark

    God Bless.... Mark Hein

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    Have you tried changing the mouse pointers via Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Personalization | Change Mouse Pointers (in left column)?


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