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Thread: .jpg extensions

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    .jpg extensions

    i have to change my file extensions like.jpg, .gif, and any other extension to .art to view pictures. why is this, and how can i correct this problem. i am currently running windows 98. my i.s.p. is aol, i am running 6.0

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    Re: .jpg extensions

    Decide which graphics app you want .jpg files to open in. Paint Shop Pro is a good all-rounder (trial version available). But for real value get IrfanView - freeware from my web site Get to File Types from Folder Options (sorry not in Win 98 atm, so details a bit hazy). Scroll down to the jpg entry and change its association to the file (in its location) that you have chosen. Do the same for gif.
    Actually, in Win 98 I prefer to use File Manager (left over from Win 95) which should be on the CD. In this you choose the Associate option.
    However, all that may not be necessary. Probably whilst installing your chosen graphics editor it will ask you what graphics files you want it to grab. You would then only need to select jpg and gif. (I usually let it have the lot).


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