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    An Ode to the Zune

    Well taint this just dandy! Microsoft discontinuing the Zune Player
    I've had one for a while now and I really like it.
    But this makes me want to reconsider holding out for a Windows 7 phone on Verizon now.
    Thanks John
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    The Zune team was split into Hardware & Software groups. Many of the software people have been absorbed into the group responsible for Xbox & Windows Phone. So, many of the Zune software concepts are carrying on. Right now as far as the hardware goes no one outside of Microsoft knows for sure if there will be any new Zune devices. Signs point to no more devices but until there is something definitive from MS it is all speculation.

    The Windows Phone appears to be different at this point in time. With Nokia, Microsoft has partnered with the largest cell phone vendor in the world. With this partnership plus having the phone on all the major carriers in the US it appears that WP7 has a better chance than Zune. We'll see.


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