OK, I took the plunge - I installed IE 9 on my desktop. I figured that was the safest choice (out of the 3 Win 7 systems I have) because it is the one system where I rarely use IE, so if something screwed up it would not bug me that much.

Anyway, I see that IE 9 has a very Chrome-like UI with a minimal header and and a new tab page that displays thumbnails of often visited sites (one of my favorite features of Chrome, can't wait till Firefox has this feature).

But one of the things I cannot seem to find is themes. I really like the themes (on Chrome) and personas (on Firefox) but so far have not found anything similar for IE 9 (google did yield some themes for older versions of IE). After all, if I am stuck using IE 9 for viewing some site, I would at least like to have it customized. Anybody know if themes exist for IE 9?