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    Insert video in PPT without local storage

    How can I insert a video in PPT such that I can send the file to someone else and they can view it? It seems all my attempts only work if run from my local computer. I can embed Flash .swf and send the file to another person to view, but not video. Is this intentional? It seems crazy to not support this.

    I've read the threads on The Lounge about the tricks to embedding video but they don't address the local vs. non-local question.

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    If I understand your question - you want to link to a video, such as one on TED or youtube? You can do this by opening the Developer tab and inserting a Shockwave Flash object. But your recipient will require the correct addins on their end to play.

    I just did a presentation on this - which works on the development computer - but not on my home computer. I can upload here - but I'm not convinced it will be robust for others to view.
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