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    Preserving Format of Inserted Documents (Word 97 (SP2))

    I want to 'append' one document to another without the styles of the primary document over-writing those of the secondary. I'm aware of the master- and sub-document concept, but as far as I know this simply applies the styles of the former to the latter, unless the sub-document is opened in its own window.

    I can achieve the desired effect by compiling a PDF file created from the two documents, but is it possible to do this in Word itself? Perhaps this is just a limitation of the application?

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    Re: Preserving Format of Inserted Documents (Word 97 (SP2))

    Check out <A target="_blank" HREF= &sb=&o=&vc=1>This Thread</A> in the VB/VBA Forum. It addresses a similar problem.

    Andrew C

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    Re: Preserving Format of Inserted Documents (Word 97 (SP2))

    Thanks Andrew. Will try that and see if it helps the guy at work who raised the problem.

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