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    NT Boot Log Win 7 64 Bit

    Greetings -

    I'm not sure if I should be complaining or not, as my BSOD problem seems to be solved. I did a number of things, so I'm not sure of what the cure was. Anyway...some of the things I tried along the way were running the system file checker and taking a look at the bootlog. SFC /scannow resulted in something like, " ... corrupted files were found but they all couldn't be fixed." Looking at the log, however, none of them seemed to be of any importance: references to cd rom visuals, or something like that.

    Sorry for the lengthy background; here's the current issue. The bootlog is very long and there are numerous instances of drivers that did not load. The vast majority of the ones that don't load start with "@." For example: Did not load driver @netasa.
    There are also others, however. I had 22 hits of, "Did not load ATI Radeon HD 4200," which is my onboard video adapter. Yet as far as I can tell, my video is working just fine. I also had a hit saying that truecrypt.sys did not load, but a later entry that said that it did load. Other drivers that did not load include RDPCDD.sys, RDPENCDD.sys, RDPREFMP.sys, & TDX.sys.

    Like I said, my blue screens appear to be gone, but I'm afraid that after looking at the bootlog, that my setup is flawed with so many drivers that don't load--especially the 22 hits of ATI Radeon HD 4200. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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    Have you tried uninstalling your ATI drivers and letting the system reinstall them on a reboot?
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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    You should also look over the event viewer [eventvwr.msc] for more information.

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