I have an OfficeJet 6500A that is connected via WiFi to my computers. My desktop (which is connected to the router via eithernet cable) works fine in all modes, scan, fax, print). The problem I have is when I try to use my HP laptop. If the printer is powered off the laptop works normally. If the printer is powered on the laptop is V E R Y slow, taked minutes just to load MS Word, mouse cursor moves in 2 inch steps not smoothly.

I have tried HP chat (3 hours total time). I have tried HP phone support (4 hours on the phone and they dialed in and tried to solve the problem remotely). I have been waiting for 48 hours for their top level support to call me back (they did call yesterday and told me they were working on it and would call me tonight).

They did e-mail me some settings for my firewall, which I changed to no avail.

Anyone else see or hear of the problem or have a solution? Thanks.