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    Outlook 2000 XP to a new Outlook 2007 Win7


    My wife's old laptop is an XP box with Outlook 2000. I just picked up a new Win 7 box and Office 2007 s/w. How would you recommend that I go about moving her Outlook files from Outlook 2000 to the new Outlook 2007? (Win XP box to Win 7 box... both 32-bit.) She will want access to her old email files (can be archived if that's easier) and contacts (not archived). Calendar... she doesn't need. I will want to be able to port her various Account Settings to make my job easier too. Any insight would be appreciated because I have seen too much conflicting info regarding data-moving wizards and such. I have a LAN in the house if that helps. TIA for your help.

    (edit) It would be nice if her email rules could be copied as well.
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    The PST files in Outlook 2007 are a different internal format than those created by Outlook 2000. I'd copy the old PST file to the new PC, let Outlook 2007 create the new PST file, then open the old PST file in Outlook 2007. You can then drag and drop the items you wish to have in the new PST file.

    You can export the rules on the old PC. Note the name and location of the exported file. Copy it to the new PC. Import it on the new PC. Be prepared to examine and update any of the rules which refer specific accounts. The internal identification of the accounts will change so even if they look the same Outlook will treat them as being different.


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