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    File size is not valid ?????

    I am in a computer club and since they had a fast connection, I had them DL a large Linux file for my grandkid = Doudoulinux - supposedly made for kids.

    I went to burn the ISO to CD using Burn CDCC.

    I got a message, "Size of file................. is not valid."

    What does that mean ?
    Re-download the file ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    How big is the ISP file, according to Explorer? Perhaps it is to big to fit onto a CD, you might need a DVD.

    The other possibility is that the ISO is corrupt (its happens on downloads at times), in which case you should re-download it. Also, if there is a checksum (md5 or sha1 file) provided for the download, you should verify the download with one of those checksums.

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