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    Problems with KB2524375 or KB976932?

    I installed KB2524375 and KB976932 on a Win7 Untimate 32 bit machine today and found my computer totally hosed. I couldn't connect to the Internet, and all of my browsers (IE 8, Firefox 3, and Chrome 11) hung when launching. The applications I tried using had lost their configuration settings: Outlook's configuration had changed, IE was using a different home page, and my Internet management software (Lenovo Access Connections) lost all my location profiles. In addition, configuration wizards started up for several installed packages as if I'd just upgraded or reinstalled the software -- which I hadn't.

    I uninstalled KB976932 but nothing changed. I then uninstalled KB2524375 and things are back to normal.

    Is it just me?


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    KB976932 is actually SP1.

    KB2524375 is an update to stop Fraudulent Digital Certificates could allow spoofing. Are you sure you received this from MS. There was a article I read recently about a drive by spoof that has appeared that this is supposed to help to stop. Further info.
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