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    delete blank rows


    Iím using Excel 2007 & have a very big excel file that was imported from access database and has a lot of blank rows that I tried to delete.
    I used the following Excel built in method:

    F5 ->Special ->Blanks (blank cell will be highlighted)
    Ctr+ 9 to hide the rows -> select visible command (to select only visible rows)
    Ctr +C and Ctr+V to a new worksheet.

    It works fine, except for columns highlighted in red (attached sample) the associated records were missing.

    Can this be corrected w/o recording a Macro?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I deleted the blank rows on your attached file and ended up with 40 rows with data.
    I don't know how that compares to what you expected.

    On your original data, I would just sort the data - blank rows sort to the bottom - no copying, no new worksheet needed.
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