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    Need Another Hard Drive?

    Hello all,
    For those of you who like "tinkering" with your "Desktop" I have found a working solution to add more Hard Drives (non raid) if you don't have anymore SATA ports on your motherboard. I have (in the past) tried several "SATA PCIe " controller cards with mixed results. One "goofy" one needed a "floppy disk drive" to work as i wanted ..Another would show a splash screen after booting up and then would "mess" with my graphics.The other would not work with Windows 7. I have just installed a controller card from "SYBA" This card works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit OS's.It also comes with a CD with the required drivers for both "Raid" and "Non-Raid" setups. It also sees my Linux HD, as well as my two CD\RW DVD drives....Yea! So... if you need more ports this one works! Regards Fred
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