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    How to install SSD


    My intention is to replace my boot drive with an SSD and then use the former HDD boot drive simply for storage.

    Will Macrium Reflect do this? I believe I need to clone the existing drive.

    I also have Terabyte's IFD and IFW - should one of them be used instead?

    Then. what must be done to the "old" drive so the machine will not see it as bootable, and to remove the OS files from it?

    Thanks ahead of time and . . .

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    Bob Miller

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    Any clone / backup software should allow you to copy the data from the original disk to the new one.
    1. Install the new HDD and load any drivers requested.
    2. Backup/restore or clone to the new drive.
    3. Shut down, remove both HDD cables and re-connect the original drive cable to the new drive. Now the PC should boot up.
    4. Shut down again and connect the remaining HDD cable to the old HDD. Boot up and check which drive is where.

    BTW, you should only use SSDs in Windows 7 as this has SSD management built-in. If you want to use an older OS you will need to load special drivers to manage the disk.

    cheers, Paul

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