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    Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard & Mouse 5000: Need Something Better

    I have the above Keyboard and Mouse and I need something better! I do love the curved keyboard, it is a must for me and I do like all the special function keys and could use more.

    However, the regular function keys are lower than the number keys (many errors daily, had it for a couple of years or longer still hit the Home button instead of the Esc + many others), and the mouse must have special batteries to work. If the mouse is still working and the top red light starts to blink (need a new batteries) don't take it out until you have the replacement; it will not work with regular AA batteries. Once the top red light blinks if you remove the batteries than the mouse will not work until you buy new ones (even if you put the old ones back in it will not work). My wife has my old wireless mouse and very seldom have to change batteries in it.

    Frustrated, there has to be a better wireless curved keyboard and mouse than these! Any suggestion; they will be greatly appreciated. (My OS is Win7 64bit)


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    I also have a MS wired keyboard 3000 and it also is a pain.
    I noticed that I tend to hit two keys at the same time.
    After real close examination I noticed that the keys were a little lower then other keyboards which causes the tops of the keys to be closer together.

    I also have a MS wireless mouse 6000 that the left button keeps malfunctioning.
    I called MS yesterday and being it's discontinued they are replacing it with a much better mouse free.
    Funny thing is that the three year warranty on the mouse ends this month..

    I would not buy any keyboard/mouse combos any more because usually you can't replace just one of them without replacing the set.

    Now I buy them individually.

    Try, they have a good selection and ship fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldgtk View Post

    Frustrated, there has to be a better wireless curved keyboard and mouse than these! Any suggestion; they will be greatly appreciated. (My OS is Win7 64bit)

    Hello... I use a "logitech" wireless mouse and keyboard ( standard full size) although the "MX" performance mouse is a bit "pricey" It's worth every bit... now own 3 Regards Fred
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    Like Fred I use a Logitech wireless KB/Mouse, although a basic unit, for my laptop when I'm on the road in my RV. I just love it and have always had good luck with Logitech products. I used it for 2 of the 3 months we spent in Texas over the winter and never had to replace the {standard AA/AAA} batteries. Of course I was careful to always use the provided on/off switches when ever I shut the laptop down. YMMV.
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