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    Hyperlink recalculation (

    I would like to try the Recalculate Hyperlinks tool in the hope that it will get all the valid ones off the "Broken Hyperlinks" report. I have to shuffle through thousands of links every time I look at them when all I really want to see are the problems. Does this work? Verify Hyperlinks seems to only work for each occurrance and has to be redone every time the web is opened. I'm also paranoid that the Recalculate Hyperlinks tool will do some unforseen, freaky damage.

    Some peace of mind before I try this would be greatly appreciated!

    Dave R.

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    Re: Hyperlink recalculation (

    Try sorting your hyperlinks by clicking on the "Status" header. This will group all the broken hyperlinks together.
    You can verify a specific group of hyperlinks by selecting them and then Right-Clicking on them. Choose verify selected hyperlinks. This avoids having to verify the entire web, which can be very time consuming.

    I have not had any difficulties caused by Recalculate Hyperlinks.
    However, it will not remove valid hyperlinks from the Broken Hyperlinks report - after all, on the web a link that is good today - may have soured by tomorrow!

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