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    SOME graphics won't display for ONE user

    OK, this is a "keep the boss happy" problem. Like many (most?) of you, I'm the computer fix-it guy in our household. My spouse "Just wants it to work. Oh, and to not change!"

    So I try to leave her laptop alone as much as possible, but feel an obligation to apply OS and other updates on a semi-regular basis. Did that last week and applied all the Vista/64-bit and other security patches then available. She's still on IE 7, (did I mention "not change"?) Everything seemed fine, and I logged-off of the Administrator account I use to do this kind of thing on her machine.

    The next day she called me at work to say "Pictures aren't showing up." I thought she meant in her mail client, and figured it was a user setting that had been flipped to a more secure state. A simple "check in the box" and they'd be back the way she wanted them.

    Nope. She has a desktop gadget running that uses a graphic icon to represent the current sky conditions ("picture of sun", "picture of raining cloud", etc.) Instead, she now had the infamous "red-x". Same thing on her home page: "Google". Red-x's scattered all over the place like pasties on a bad marksman's target. And at her on-line banking site, the critical "Submit" button didn't appear at all, not even as a placeholder red-x.

    I did the obvious checks of her IT "Security" and "Advanced" settings. Even unchecked certain ones that were already checked, closed the browser, re-opened it, re-checked the settings, then closed/re-opened again. No luck. Tried updating Java (since I know the banking site uses it) and any other things immediately suggested by Googling the problem. Still nothing.

    Most frustratingly, my Admin User profile on the same machine does NOT exhibit this behaviour. Everything displays normally/properly for my account, just not for hers (also an Admin.)

    So I'm asking the Lounge Denizens for any ideas of where I might look / what I might try next.


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    I deleted your duplicate thread in the IE forum. Please do not cross post. See rule #14 -


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    Sit next to her on her chair arm or on the couch. Take her hand lightly in both of yours, Give it a light squeeze and say, "Sweetest love of my life, I have to tell you something very important. It's time to update." Sympathize. Commiserate. Anguish with her. Reassure her that she is a mature woman in a technical world and that she CAN cope. Then go do the updates. If her computer is five years old or so now is an excellent time for a complete upgrade (for you...she gets your old box.)

    This happened to my wife's box and getting it all up to date solved it. Doing it all at once minimizes the anguish, durm und sturm.

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