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    Forcing Power Users Group

    I manage Windows XP Pro SP2 workstations. Users are setup with Power Users Group rights and I use Script Logic Desktop Authority to control security via scripts. I also use Software Restrictions via Group Policy to prevent users from installing software.

    Sometimes I have to change the user to Local Administrator rights in order to install something specific to them (as opposed to specific to the computer). Usually I remember to change them back to the Power Users Group before I log off but every once in a while I either forget or something is happening where they stay Local Administrator until I spot it and fix it.

    Is there some way I can set a Group Policy on a AD contain that makes sure all users in that container are members of the Power Users Group? That way when they login if the user rights didn't get switched, that Group Policy will change them to the Power Users Group. Then if ever I need to change them to Local Administrator rights, I first move them out of that AD container before making that setting change so it will stick until I move them back into that AD container.

    Am I making sense? It does to me and usually that means there must be a way I can get it into a GPO.

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    See if the answer at change local machine group membership helps.


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