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    RAID 1 or 0 across 2 x SATA drives. How do I get data off??

    I have a problem. My laptop's (Sony Vaio AR41S)'s motherboard is screwed and I want to transfer the data off.
    It has 2 x 160GB sata hard drives in a Raid configuration. I honestly can't remember whether it's Raid 1 or 0.
    I extracted the drives and attached to a USB to Sata adapter to my new comp.
    I can attach them individually with the adapter.
    Windows sees the first drive but not as usable.
    It gives me the option to format and appears as a drive in Windows.
    I have not formatted as I will lose data.
    THe second drive does not appear to Windows and does not give me an option to format.
    I'm not sure how to simulate Raid config on my new machine nor do I currently have the hardware to attch both drives simultaneously.
    Any advice?

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    You need both drives attached at the same time to another computer is the only way to "Destripe" the drive as configured in RAID can send the drives to a lab or buy the software

    I did find this and it is free but untested by me

    the USB drive adapter

    here is Raid Recovery
    or Raid Reconstructer

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