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    New field on a form (Access 2000)

    I am new to Access. I decided to add a new field to a table after the table was already created. I now want to add this new field to an existing form. I can't seem to figure it out. The new field does not show up in the field list so I cannot drag and drop it onto the form. I tried a bound field but can't get it to work. Help!

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    Re: New field on a form (Access 2000)

    If your new table field is not showing up in the field list for your form it could be because the form is based on a query and the new field needs to be included in the query. In design view for your form check the data source in the properties for your form.
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    Re: New field on a form (Access 2000)

    To add to what Judy said, in the future you might want to use a select query of "Select * FROM tablename..... etc.", unless you are deliberately dealing with only a small subset of the table's fields. This makes it easier to add fields to forms (and reports) because the field is already in the recordset. This also becomes significant when you open a form or report and use a WHERE clause in the OpenForm/OpenReport method. You can use the WHERE clause on any field in the query, even if the field isn't actually displayed on the form/report.
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