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    Control one PPT Object on a Slide by Clicking Another

    This question relates to PowerPoint 2007

    Is there any way to create a button on a slide that controls another object on the same slide? If so, how?

    Background to the question:
    Currently, I have a slide with a series of buttons on it. When I click one of the buttons, a hidden PPT slides opens identical to the original slide, but a text-box next to the clicked button displays. With this system I cannot have two or more of the text boxes showing at once because whenever I click one of the buttons, it just takes me to the relevant slide.

    I would like to create a switchboard-like effect where I have a series of buttons down the side of the slide and if you click on it, a text box opens on the same slide with related text. The text box would stay visible until you click the button again. This way I could have one or more of the text boxes displaying at any time.

    If you have any ideas of how to achieve this, I'd appreciate the advice.



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    I am assuming you are doing this in 2007 or higher
    First I'd name all the objects. If you open the selection pane, you'll see that I've named my buttons and text boxes. This isn't mandatory - but it will go a long way to make things easier to organize (especially the more items you work with).
    Then in the custom animation pane I'd select each text block.
    Set it to appear, under the timings tab, use the trigger button and set the appear effect to be triggered by clicking the appropriate button.
    Repeat by added the disappear effect, again trigger the effect by clicking the button.

    Repeat for each button-text pairing.
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