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    What the heck am I missing??

    This morning, in Excel 2007, I attempted to print a small spreadsheet. It had 49 lines, including a line which was an AutoSum of the figures in one column. This spreadsheet had 6 columns. I did a "Set Print area" as I have done hundreds of times before, then a shrink to fit on one page. The print preview displayed all of the info to be printed. When printing, I could not, even after many attempts, get the AutoSum to be included, including the TOTAL: (which I added as a description) and was included two columns to the left of the AutoSum. In all the years I have been printing this type of info I have never had this problem. I feel certain it is something simple, but, for now, it escapes me.

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    to confirm:
    The whole area is included in the Print Area.
    The whole area (including the Total) is shown in Print Preview?

    Are you using a new printer? Do you have the correct printer drivers installed?
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