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    Fun with Firefox 4 Sync

    I now have Firefox 4 on both my notebook and desktop PC. The new Sync feature was one of my first stops. This tool synchronizes your passwords, tabs, bookmarks, etc. between your various machines and mobile devices.

    My first impress is that while it works for the most part, it seems somewhat poorly documented and convoluted to set up.

    At this point, passwords and bookmarks are synched, but not tabs -- despite clicking the tabs box in the account management box.

    Now on to a look at IE9.

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    Unfortunately, syncing your passwords means uploading them into someone else's web site. What guarantees do you have that the site owner will not harvest your passwords? And what happens if someone cracks the web site and steals your passwords? Way too risky for me; so no thank you!

    Heck. I won't even put my PasswordSafe file in DropBox. Even though it is encrypted it would take someone about an hour or less to run through various password combinations and open the file.

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