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    win xp pro and quicken 2008

    I installed quicken 2008 with absolutely no errors or windows or menus of any kind. All went well until I tried to activate the program: here is what the bottom of the task bar, where all programs that are running or are loading, there appears (2) two frames for q8: one of them just has the Q logo and the other has the quicken takes several seconds ( seems like hours ) for the two to merge and the program starts. Quicken support tried twice with their uninstall progs, i tried twice to unload and reinstall,,,,now EVERYBODY is blaming windows....any suggestions as to what I am doing incorrectly?? any help and / or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thanking one and all in advance for your consideration and thought in this matter... i hope i explained this correctly.
    Win XP Pro SP 3
    2 Gb RAM, 3.0 Ghz, ASUS mobo, AMD chipset

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    This is a quote from Quicken site;Windows XP and higher should have .NET installed. If you need to install.Just an idea.I have found that Revo Uninstall program does a better job.Here's the link if you are interested;
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