I have several reports, that when displayed in Preview mode, are in windows of very different sizes, some taking up the whole screen as though maximized. My goal is to standardize the Preview window from report to report. It appears the Docmd.MoveSize is the only way to modify the window size. I've tried this in the Report's Open event and after the Docmd.OpenReport statement, neither of which had any effect.

I can see the direct relationship between how the report is displayed in Preview mode and the values that are associated with the report (as seen in the Properties section when printed with the Database Documenter). I've used a Debug.Print statement in the report's Close event to give me the current values after manually resizing in Preview mode. But I have not been able to save the values I want.

1. How does one set a report Preview window to a specific size?
2. How does a report pick up it's Window Height and Width values ?