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    Multiple PC Backups

    Using: Gateway GT5408; VISTA Home Premium;
    Is it possible to clone/image different mfg PC's using different WIN OS's? What/how can I backup from the different PC's? I intend to use a Toshiba 750 GB external HD.... Tx
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    If I understand your question correctly the answer is Yes. What I read is that you have more that one PC and would like to image each PC to the same shared external 750Gb drive. If that is correct you should have no problem with most imaging software like Acronis True Image or Macrium Reflect. Just create a directory on the backup drive for each PC and then direct the image files to the appropriate directory. One thing is to be sure your imaging software runs on each of the OSes in question or use a product like Acronis that allows you to make a bootable {Linux} CD then the OS you're backing up doesn't matter {this is my preferred method since it gets Windows entirely out of the equation}.
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    I have 3 different PC's that I have Imaged to the same Ext HD. I have created a folder for each PC so that I can easily find the Image for the PC I need to restore. I also name each Image to allow the same, including the date created.

    One thing in addition to what RG mentions, you must have a Rescue Media for each version of Acronis you use. The 2010 version Rescue Media will not work with the 2011 version of Acronis and vice-versa.
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