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Thread: IE9 Bugginess

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    IE9 Bugginess

    I've had 2 issues with IE9 so far. First was that it screwed up the user interface for Secunia PSI. Microsoft knew about this issue and did nothing to resolve it before final release. Buttons were covered with a doubled-up ad which made the program useless, and much of the interface did not load at all. Secunia PSI relies on IE for some of its functionality. I solved that one by uninstalling/reinstalling PSI. The second occurred today. Pages were failing to load on some websites while using Firefox 4 or Chrome, but they would load with IE9 (hmmm). Thinking perhaps it was a network issue, I shut down and rebooted modem and router...same issue. Since this issue did not occur prior to installing IE9, I rolled back to IE8 and the issue was immediately resolved. The whole matter seemed a bit fishy given the lackluster download numbers for IE9, but I will render no accusations.

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    I had no such problem with PSI and IE 9. Perhaps it was because I was using IE 9 beta, then RC prior to RTM, who knows. I have been reading numerous problems with FF 4 recently, many more than IE 9. Any new release is bound to have some problems. All the different combinations out there can not possibly be tested for. So it's a problem when a web page does load with IE 9 even when that page won't load in FF and Chrome? How is this a problem? some would say this is a good thing!

    Bottom line is I am sold on IE 9 as mu default browser, even over Chrome 11 beta which I also have installed. I gave up on FF a long time ago. Do not believe I will go down that road again.
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