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    Indexing (Microsoft Word - Office 2000)

    I am trying to run an index in a multifile document.
    I have a manual that is numbered with Chapter numbers and page numbers. Each chapter starts with page one. I would like to have the index items numbered similarly, such as:

    Supervisor .............. 2-11

    2 is the chapt. number, 11 is the page number. I cannot find instructions in any Microsoft Word book available to me. I have all the field codes linked and working; I have tried all the formatting options that I know of and I still get simply pages numbers.

    Please help. I will be so happy if I am able to do this successfully!

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    Re: Indexing (Microsoft Word - Office 2000)


    This is what is known as folio pagination. I know a technical writer who has documented a factory being destroyed (I believe with loss of life) because of this. Anyway...

    I don't know of a way to do this in your Index directly. You could split the document into separate documents, one per chapter, run an index on each of these, unlink the index fields, add your chapter number designations by hand to each page number, and then put them all into one document, and then sort that index.

    Sorry not more help.
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    Re: Indexing (Microsoft Word - Office 2000)

    Have you checked in the Word help for the other switches that are available for the Index field? Below is copied from the Word 2000 help - it looks like you need to be using a Master Doc, and add a field to the chapters for their numbers.

    The field { INDEX s chapter d "." } builds an index for a master document. Each subdocument is a chapter; the chapter titles include a SEQ field that numbers the chapters. The d switch separates the chapter number and page number with a period (.). An index generated from this field looks similar to the following:

    Aristotle, 1.2
    Earth, 2.6
    Jupiter, 2.7
    Mars, 2.6

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