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    Virus-like behavior

    Standalone system running Win95B. System was functioning normally on Friday. When the operator booted up on Monday, the system went directly to Safe mode (no startup menu). All icons on the desktop were highlighted. It was not possible to highlight only one icon. When she attempted to move one icon, ALL of the icons were duplicated on the desktop! They continued to copy and highlight each time she tried to move anything.
    When I arrived and observed this behavior, I rebooted. Hit F8 to force a startup menu. Chose Normal, and Voila, the system started normally! I was able to delete all of the extra icons, and all seemed to function as expected. When I rebooted again without intervention, the system returned to Safe mode with no startup menu, and exhibited the same bizarre behavior!
    We have not been able to check for viruses yet (I know... a fresh copy of NAV 2002 is coming overnight tonite).
    I wondered if anyone else had ever experienced these symptoms, or have any ideas about what is going on.

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    Re: Virus-like behavior

    Off the top of my head, I'd say the keyboard has a sticky CTRL key, or the contact for the CTRL key is affected. Try changing your keyboard...
    Christopher Baldrey

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