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    Two Anti-virus programs. How?

    It is often said that a PC user should use more than one AV program for the best protection. How exactly does one do this without the two clashing? I have Trend Micro's PC Cillin on my PC. I also like to use Ad-Aware to search for malware. These two are not good bedfellows. Must I uninstall Ad-Aware after I have run the scan? Is there another way to inactivate Ad-Aware. Suggestions?

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    Active is the word usually used when discussing 2 Antivirus or 2 AntiMalware programs on the same machine. Having 1 of each active is usually no problem at all. Keeping the other(s) ready but inactive for a double-check or for passive (blocking) purposes is commonplace and very effective as part of a layered approach to PC Security. I routinely install an A/V and firewall to run actively plus 4 passive antimalware programs on almost every machine I work on. I also install other tools (Autoruns, ProcessExplorer and others from Sysinternals and Nirsoft) for use when known antimalware tools are disabled by the infection. Then I turn my attention to hardening the DNS and networking, followed by attempting to secure the web browsers. None of this is 100% effective, especially if Windows is not kept updated with Critical patches and/or there is a high risk user or usage of the PC.

    There are often clashes between individual active A/V and A/M and 3rd party firewalls - they all use low level hooks into core Windows processes, sometimes I have to test 4 or more products to find 2 that work efficiently together on a particular machine. In between, I always ensure that I completely uninstall the older software using the uninstaller that is frequently found on the makers site - any dregs left could (and frequently do) cause Blue Screen errors (BSODs) at a later date.

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    When you install security products from major vendors, they often uninstall (or require you to uninstall) products deemed to conflict. Often, however, you can reinstall those other products afterwards without a problem. It's a good idea to get advice specific to each combination.

    What you don't want is for two on-access scanners to run simultaneously: they could lock up.

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